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Family and Fashion

Proper Threads is more than just a tagline. It’s a lifestyle that has been instilled in us from day one. A lifestyle that demands style, quality and appreciation for all things. Growing up in a small town of West Texas, fashion was hard to come by. The options were bland and unexciting. Regardless, our family always made dressing well a priority.

So we created Devereux as our own solution. We created Proper Threads to share our passion, style and confidence with men alike.

“It was about creating what we couldn’t find” Robert Brunner

As brothers in this business we strive to not only create apparel but to share a lifestyle with people that they can believe in. The cuts, fits, and fabric are always second to our values and ideals of family, friends and respect. Devereux is a reflection of how we live. Our interests, our dreams, our pursuits and our appreciation of craftsmanship and quality in all areas of life.

You have to flip the script, go for it and leave what you know to do what you love.

Robert and Will Brunner are writing their own story. One about passion, confidence and respect. But perhaps, most importantly, theirs is a story dedicated to their grandmother Devereux, the woman who taught them that dressing well is the highest form of good manners.


To us, proper is more than just a tagline, it's a lifestyle. With the "Proper Tour", we're bringing that lifestyle to you. Our "Proper Tour" is a refined, stylish, boutique pop-up shop equipped with a "members lounge" to kick back and have a few - the way a proper, grown-ass man should. Check in below to see when we'll be in a town near you.