Hacker’s Guide to the Phoenix Open 2017

January 31, 2017

Let’s face it – the Waste Management Phoenix Open golf tournament, a.k.a. the greatest show on grass, can be a bit overwhelming to navigate. We’ll show you how to avoid the mess, giving you all the hacks for the best places to park, view, drink and of course – party! First things first: Parking If you […]

What to wear, when to wear it

September 30, 2016

Do you often look at the content on our blog or Instagram and like what you see, but are not sure how to put it together? Outfits can be complicated. The fact of the matter is style doesn’t come naturally to some as it does to others. There’s enough going on during your day that thinking […]

The Art of the Swing

August 29, 2016

Save the “FORE!” for the hack holes behind you. This week’s all about turning that ‘meh’ or ‘oh shit’ swing into a more spot-on aim for par – well, that’s the goal at least. Remember, practice makes perfect. We are all guilty of not hitting every ball the way we should, or as good as […]

Getting to Know | Trey Valentine

July 12, 2016

Since the beginning we knew that Devereux would be a lifestyle brand designed with performance, sport, and fashion in mind. After all, what man want’s to truly partake in something they can’t be stylish in? Over the past few years as our brand and as the sport of golf has grown and become (thankfully) more stylish, we are […]

Top 5 golfers of all time

June 24, 2016

­­­­ By now you know how much we love the great game of golf. In fact, it’s half of the reason we created the brand Devereux in the first place. Looking good and playing as good should be a more common part of the game, but you already know that and you should be wearing […]

The 116th US Open

June 2, 2016

With only weeks separating fellow golf enthusiasts and the US Open we thought it would be a perfect time to give you a little insight to what’s going to make this 116 year old tournament one of the best yet.   First and foremost, it’s important to know this is the second of the four major championships in […]

the 72 Collection | Our Newest Polos

May 11, 2016

We recently launched our newest collection, 72, which is not only perfect for spring with its muted pastel colors and minimal design features, but has also been catching attention/receiving a great response in the first few weeks its been available – see here or read here as just an example. We are excited to finally be breaking […]

The 2016 Masters

April 11, 2016

  (Photo via Cassidy Sports My Take) It’s that time of year again for the Masters  – dare we say… better than Christmas or at least a close second. At the Masters, it’s more than just four days of golf in Augusta, Georgia. Unlike basically every other golf tournament that’ll occur this year, the Masters is a […]

Dropping Knowledge | The history of the polo shirt

March 31, 2016

Golf has a reputation for producing some of the worst dressed players in almost any sport. While the sport itself is recognized as one of the most elegant, many golfers appear determined to counterbalance their golfing expertise with an inept approach to dressing themselves for the biggest of tournaments. Outside of a few golfers, most […]

3 courses

February 22, 2016

In case you haven’t seen us lately, we have been hitting the links heavily with Danny Lee and we’re not complaining. So far it has been a great year for the game of golf, both for Danny and seeing so many people rallying around the sport. At the recent Waste Management Open tournament in our hometown of  Scottsdale, […]

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