Danny Lee is #LivingProper on the PGA TOUR

December 8, 2017


Danny, an obviously incredible golfer and integral part of our team, is an even better guy and we couldn’t be more happy for him. Before he took off for Korea to marry the girl of his dreams, we sat down with him to get an inside look at what it’s like to live a day in the shoes of Danny on tour.

A behind the scenes look at Devereux brand ambassador Danny Lee’s life on TOUR

 Sunday Night or Monday – Travel Day

After a tournament is over, and hopefully I have ended with a good round, I like to fly out to the next Tour stop. If Sunday’s round was not good, I like to leave that night to go to the next event. We are lucky we don’t have to rent a car each week when we travel to different locations. Different car companies sponsor PGA Tour events which means that players can drive courtesy cars provided by these companies; making the week a lot easier!  I’ve gotten to drive some really cool cars. My favorite was BMW week – We could change the car every day. We got to drive a sport car and then a sweet SUV!

I play more than 30 tournaments a year (they call me Iron-man!) and we travel to some awesome cities that I love returning to every year.  I have my favorite hotel in each city I have been to in the past.  I don’t like to change where I stay, especially when I play well. I’m definitely superstitious.

After we check in, I try to get some rest and unwind. If we get in early enough, I go out to the golf course and putt so I can get a feel for the greens. I love to watch a movie or Korean drama at night before bed.

Tuesday – Practice Round and Exploration

Every morning I work out before I head to the course. I meet my physical trainer to stretch and massage before my practice round.

I spend most of the day out at the golf course. I usually walk at least 9 holes with my caddy, Kurt, so that we can take notes and familiarize ourselves with the course. During a typical practice round, I play 2 – 3 balls so that I can learn what club is the best to hit from certain places on the course during the tournament. My caddy is great at taking detailed notes about club choice, layout and the slopes of the greens. Kurt goes out before I arrive too, and walks the course, so he already has a plan.

After I play a round, I go to the driving range to work on my swing. With my recent back injury, I have to be careful not to overdo it on the range.  My team has given me the “100 ball rule”, which means I am not allowed to hit more than 100 balls!  Sounds crazy, but I love to practice so this helps me to not overdo it.  Next, I work on my short game, chipping and putting, until I’m ready to go home.

After practice, my physio works on my back to loosen me up after a long day of work. This has been important lately and has helped me get through the week.

Tuesdays are a great day to grab dinner with Yoomi and some of our friends on TOUR. We get to travel to so many fun cities, it’s great to try out the local restaurants. Korean BBQ is always my first choice!

 Wednesday – Pro-Am Day

Wednesdays are pro-am days, but also just another day to get a practice round in. On these days, we also get paired with 3 – 4 amateurs who are usually business professionals. These days are always interesting because I get to learn about what they do and about their company. One of my favorite pro-am days was when I played with a man who made bread for hamburgers!

After the Pro-Am, I usually head back to the driving range and putting green. Then I go to the hotel to rest up for the first round of the tournament.

The last thing I do before the tournament starts is layout my outfits for the tournament. Devereux does a good job of sending me clothes, so that I always look good on the course. But since I am so focused on golf during tournament days, I get my clothes ready ahead of time so that I don’t have to worry about it once the rounds start!

Bonus superstition: My Callaway golf balls are numbered in the sleeve when I prepare to play. I won’t start a round with number two. My caddy draws a random ball from the sleeve, but if it’s 2, I won’t start with it.