12 Cool Father’s Day Gifts And Not One Necktie In Sight

June 6, 2017

What to get the man who helped shape you into the person you are today? Well, he certainly does not need another f**king necktie. Here are 12 cool Father’s Day gift ideas that won’t end up in the junk drawer. And we’ve got you covered at all price points from $10.95 to $1,095.


The Beer Connoisseur

This beer glass from Spiegelau ($10.95) designed specifically for IPA. According to the companies website, the rippled pedestal base and round bowl showcase the varying aromatic profiles of this “hop-forward” beer, preserving its frothy head and volatile components while maintaining a wide opening for the drinker to comfortably “nose” the beer. Give your dad something to brag about with this gift.


The Proper Golfer

G*LF snapback hat by Devereux ($35). It’s our (and everyone else who’s ever played the game) favorite 4 letter word!


The Dad Perfecting His Game

Help him develop better mechanics and build power with this Gold Flex golf swing training aid for strength and tempo by SKLZ ($54.99).


The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Monthly gift box subscription from Bespoke Post ($55-$540) offers a box for every need from grooming to drink to cool gear. Can’t go wrong with this one.


The Dad On The Go

These Cruiser Hybrid shorts from Devereux ($75) transition easily from water to land. They’re made with mesh pocketing and stretch for the active Dad.


The World Traveller

The Travis Translator ($149) allows dad to communicate in over 80 languages. Genius!


The Carpooler

Help dad keep things tidy with this V6 Car+Boat handheld vacuum from Dyson ($239.99). Boat not included.

The Proper Dad

The Palms Polo from Devereux ($85) is the perfect polo for the dapper dad on vacation. Whether he’s in Hawaii or in the backyard, this Polo is the proper way to wind down.


The Cool Dad

Harrison sunglasses by Salt Optics ($550) made with Japanese Titanium. Regarded as the best steel in the world, Japanese titanium is lighter and stronger than traditional steel alloy. We love the look of these.


Organized Gentleman 

Mod Connoisseur case in Tuscan leather from This Is Ground ($385) fits a tablet, a cigar, and so much more.


Adventurous Dad

Venture 65 quart cooler by Otterbox ($399.99, accessories extra) allows you to camp for days with the whole family. It’s certified bear-resistant and can hold ice for up to 14 days. Amazing, right?


Grill Master

Will got this as a Father’s Day gift a few years back and it still reigns as his favorite gift to date (aside from the popsicle stick portraits and macaroni necklaces, of course). The Big Green Egg ($849 large) is what a lot of grilling aficionados have been talking about. Dad might have already been dropping hints about this one.


The Globetrotter

The Continental carry-on in matte black by Tumi ($1,095) will make sure dad travels in high style.