20 Questions With Pro Golfer Danny Lee

March 10, 2017


Getting to know professional golfer Danny Lee.

What’s your earliest memory about golf?
I went out to a public 9-hole golf course and made three birdies in the first round of my life.

How did you get into golf?
My mom was a professional golfer and instructor, and started giving me lessons. She was teaching someone on the course, and I followed her and hit a couple balls. After that I was hooked!

What’s your fondest golf experience and why?
Winning the US Amateur; it’s one of the best events in the world for amateur competition. I was young, but I was able to stay really focused. I won the championship match 5 and 4, and I am really proud of the way I played.

Do you have a favorite tournament?
My favorite is Tampa; the Valspar Championship. I love that the host hotel is onsite! The tournament has a good atmosphere and the fans there are great! Also, I like playing the Innisbrook course; it really suits my game well.

What has been your all time favorite course to play at?
My bucket list course was Augusta National. I am proud to say I have achieved that dream. Augusta National is one of the most exclusive courses in the world. You have to be a member or invited by a member to play there. I think playing there is every golfers dream.

What are you excited for this year?
I am getting married in the fall! We were introduced by a friend while I was visiting family in Korea last year – and the rest is history!

What do you think will be your biggest challenge this year?
My goal is to make it into the Presidents Cup this year. It isn’t gonna be easy! If I achieve this goal, I know that my hard work has paid off. The Presidents Cup has the best 12 international players in the world on one team. I enjoy the team competition – it’s unlike anything during the regular season. In 2015, I played on the International Team in Korea and learned a lot from my rookie experience. I hope to build on this experience this year.

How did you get connected with DVRX?
My manager and I were looking for a golf apparel brand that was stylish, comfortable and able to be worn on and off the golf course. After looking at what was out there, we found Devereux. It’s the perfect fit for me! I love the look, fit and the Brunner brothers!

What do you love about the clothes?
Devereux has fun clothes to wear, they look cool and are comfortable. The tighter, slimmer fit is good for my body type and fabrics – such as the Player’s Stretch Knit and the Hybrid Stretch Knit – keeps me cool when I start to work up a sweat.   I enjoy wearing them when I play!

Have any favorite pieces?
I really like the Naples Sweater and the Kai polo. I like the bright colors of them both.

What’s your go-to look on the course?
Tighter, slimmer fit, like the Beckham Polo and the Prescott Pant (shown below) are my go-tos. The Beckham has an athletic cut back seam for big movements. The Prescott pant is a slim, athletic fit with stretch so they never get baggy. They’re lightweight and comfortble to play in. I try to plan my clothes for the week and wear my favorite outfits starting on Thursday to start the tournament off feeling my best.

Go-to look off the green?
I like to be comfortable, I like work out pants. I don’t want to look like a golfer when I get off the course! Devereux has awesome new pieces that I love wearing when I’m not on the course. My favorites are the 5 pocket pants, which looks like a nice, casual pant but they’re stretchy and easy to move in. They’re really comfortable. Also, their new hoodies and t-shirts are super soft and make me look good (coming soon).

Where is your favorite destination?
Probably New Zealand, where I grew up in Rotorua. My family moved there when I was 8 years old. My dad was sick with cancer, and he wanted to live in a place that was healing, and calm. I started playing a lot of golf there. I have a lot of good family memories in Rotorua.

What would your ideal vacation consist of?
With my job, I  travel to so many amazing places and am gone so many weeks each year, that a whole week at home would the best vacation I could ask for right now!

What are the last 3 songs you listened to?
These days I like Maroon 5 songs. I don’t listen to music before a round. I spend more time in quiet preparation, like visualization before my rounds. It helps me get focused.

What’s the best golf advice you’ve been given.
Don’t play golf… no, I’m just kidding. Try to love yourself, no matter what happens out there. I guess that’s more of life advice. I am trying to treat myself as well as I treat everybody else. Sometimes my self-expectation is too high, and I should try to respect myself as others do. This is a good lesson in life, but also in golf.

Favorite thing to do when not playing golf?
I like working out, and I am trying to read more books.

If you weren’t a pro golfer, what profession would you pursue?
That’s a good question, I’m not sure. I am living my dream job!

What do you say to someone who’s not a fan of golf and thinks it’s boring?
It is true, but, as much as I hate this game, I love this game. It’s a funny relationship, but when you can pull off a shot, or make birdie from where you have been practicing from- and it pays off during a tournament, it’s very satisfying and feels like you have accomplished something.