Introducing… Paris @ Night

September 8, 2015

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for…the formal announcement of our 2015 Fall and Winter Collection. So without further ado, allow us to present Paris @ Night.

It’s no secret that Paris @ Night is our boldest collection yet. From its dark purples to electric blues, this is a collection that gives you that good “wow factor”  and not the bad one so commonly associated with golf. It’s definitely not one of those “wows” we’ve all muttered to ourselves after seeing some horrendous neon victim of midlife crisis. Paris @ Night is daring in all the right ways. It’s vivid, bright and adventurous, and it has a good sense of style.

However, the true beauty of Paris @ Night is that it’s a collection that needs no prep for a night on the town. Ready to wear [and ready to go] is where this collection shines. Not only will you turn heads during the day, but you’re free to do the same at night. It’s this spirit and this versatility that defines the Devereux man.



germain laydown

The St. Germain

The St. Germain is an excellent example of the versatility of Devereux. It’s cut-and-sew color blocks appeal to the course while its crisp button-down collar gives the sophistication you need for the clubhouse and for dinner. This is a strong staple for any wardrobe.



pierre laydown

The Pierre

The Pierre is one of those essential pieces, right up there with our namesake polo, the Brunner.  Like the French, its beauty is reflected in its simplicity. This basic polo is a quintessential addition to any wardrobe and a must in any suitcase.



henri laydown

The Henri

The Henri is one of our fanciest polos this season. Drawing strength from our signature angled pocket, this polo ups the detail game playing off its contrast in color and design. This is a polo you want with you day and night.



devereux laydown

The Devereux

The Devereux is by far our most unique polo of the season. Not many can pull off a club collar, but the Devereux does, standing out as a man among boys. This is a polo that allows you to add a flare of style without making a scene.



bastille laydown

The Bastille

The Bastille is our most modern polo this season. Its avant-garde without losing one bit of its masculinity. This is the polo that will not only prove your style, but but prove your worth. This polo is boss-esque.