Tie or No Tie?

August 11, 2015

Amidst years of reports circling about the declining tie industry, the tie has taken a back seat in the world of menswear. Maybe the tie is not as obsolete as cufflinks, but it’s definitely not as necessary as the oxford. These days, the tie is often seen as just another accessory–not the mark of office professionalism and formality that it once was. However, that does put wearing a tie somewhat outside of the norm, especially considering we’re hard pressed to find people dressed to the nines these days. So when should you sport this nostalgic piece of menswear?

When to wear a tie:


When the invitation says so

Formal events will always be formal events–and that means suit and tie. Whether it’s bow-tie, skinny or even as far as a tux, there’s no way you’re gettin’ out of this one.



When you want to make a statement

With as casual as styles have been going as of late, the traditional idea of “dressing up” (i.e. tie) has become somewhat of a novelty. It sure isn’t every day that you happen upon some Joe Shmoe in his suit and tie on the morning commute. But if you do, we know you’re doing a double take, because it just ain’t something you see anymore. Chances are you’re saying to yourself, “What’s with this guy? Must be his first day,” or you’re so impressed that you’re slyly nodding in approval and taking mental notes. Either way, the man caught your attention. Think about it.


When you need to accessorize

Let’s face it. The tie is the accessory. No longer a wardrobe staple of modern America, this piece has become a sentimental embellishment of years past. So use that to your advantage. Use the tie to add personality to your look. Use it to break up the monotony of your neutral chinos and oxford, and pop some color in with your tie. Style authorities may debate, but we here at Proper Threads see nothing wrong with rocking the oxford and tie sans jacket, especially if it’s about stylistic expression. We know you know what you should be doing, but we also know it can be more stylish to break that rule.


When you don’t have to wear a tie:



With a suit

The idea that you have to wear a suit and tie to work has become so cliché and so bygone that we’re actually shedding a small tear for those who still have to adhere to that dress code. A suit without a tie isn’t a faux pas, it’s a mark of confidence. There’s something to a suit that’s tossed the tie. It’s dashing. It’s debonair. It’s the mark of someone who’s taken charge of his look, and his life–a man not confined by someone else’s rules.



tumblr_nrk6wu7Li61u0k05io1_50099% of the time

Simply put, the tie isn’t standard on this side of the millennium

So if you’re staying stateside, there’s no need to fret over the sartorial addendum of yesteryear – your colleagues won’t be either. But keep a few on hand for those special occasions, because a proper man is always prepared.