Color combinations that stand the test of time and summer.

July 1, 2015

Buying the essentials is the easy part. Pairing them is a whole other story.


How long did it take you to figure that one out? Not long, we bet. But don’t fret, it happens to many a man. Back from a few necessary [or unnecessary purchases] with some fresh threads you just can’t wait to throw on–until you realize you have no idea what the hell to put it with–or worse you don’t even own a complimentary piece.

Well, those days are about to be long gone.

Go with these tried and true color combos instead and leave the over-analyzing to your girlfriend.


  1. Dark Blue/White/Beige


It doesn’t have to be navy, but make sure it’s blue. This is a great way to play on the on the same idea from the quintenssential contrast of black and white without dying in the heat. Although your shorts may be dark blue, the difference in how black absorbs sunlight versus dark blue is astounding. Heat waves aside, this is a classic paring, uniting two wardrobe musts. Switching out the blue for red also keeps the look classic.

Dress it for summer: Replace one of these colors with sea-foam green to ride the current wave of the blue/green trend.


  1. Brown/White/Beige


We’re not sure it gets anymore classic. With brown as the foundation for all colors classic, there’s nothing else here but classic. Experiment with various accessories, but always maintain one of these colors as your base. The more brown, the more classic your look.

For the summer: rely on beige as your base to stay fresh. Don’t be afraid to add some blue into the mix to vary the look either.


  1. Black/White/Beige

Black and white may not always have been considered classic in the world of menswear, but these days it’s hard to imagine them as anything but the original. These colors are one of those no-fail combinations, or at least one that’s pretty difficult to screw up. These are the basic of the basic. Use these colors as a starting point to build new looks, or simply play it safe.

Minimize black in the summer months by replacing it with brown to keep yourself and your threads from sweltering. However, if you must have black, use it as a very small detail, or at least pop in another more vibrant color as a detail to keep it interesting.








The Proper Threads trick? Add brown. Add beige. And never be afraid to wash out those colors for a more classic look.