5 Essentials to Pack for New York

May 30, 2015

When in… New York


We love the grandeur that is the Big Apple– its towering skyscrapers that defined every metropolis growing in its shadow, its nooks and crannies bringing surprises at every turn; its bustling streets and its collision of cultures, for both far away and home, all of which are reflected in this city’s diverse style.

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So what to wear when in New York? Here are some key points to remember when packing your bags:

Trends are king. New York is a city that thrives on trends, uses them, overuses them and throws them out like yesterday’s New York Times. However, if you want to be trendy in this city, you better study up on your street style blogs.





The effort behind effortless

It’s not easy looking like you just rolled out of bed when you didn’t. New Yorkers have a way of making something look thrown together when it wasn’t– and making it look good. They do this by mixing high and low fashion, wearing comfortable threads and rockin’ the kicks at every available opportunity.



Denim – Denim is as American as apple pie; if not more so. New Yorkers dress it up, dress it down, right and left. Working through your denim choices is enough of pass to let you slide through the city unscathed by a faux pas.

Statements – How else to stand out in a city filled to the brim with people too busy to listen? New York City streets are just another public art gallery.




With this in mind, we leave you with our Proper Packing List for New York:

  1. Kicks–a good pair of tennies or a trendy bold sneaker will take you far in this city.
  1. Dark denim– a pair of dark jeans instantly dresses up the most casual look. Use your dark denim to go from day to night [and maybe even back to day] in the city that never sleeps.
  1. Statement pieces– think bold and go bolder.
  1. Pops of sophistication–a classic button-up or a fancy polo will keep you versatile, while still showing your culture in a city that thrives on this currency.
  1. Sunglasses– rain or shine, sun or snow, New Yorkers rely on their shades to put the finishing piece on their look.